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Sunday September 21st 2014

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RalucaBuildingTopWe’ve known each other for two years now and recently decided to be a couple. My new girlfriend Raluca Alexandra Plesca lives in Bucharesti, Romania and I’m hoping to bring her to the US to live with me next month.

We have so much in common and we’re really excited to finally be together. I love you Raluca!

San Diego Move

Tom Hall and I have recently moved to San Diego and joined Midway Home Entertainment! We started on Oct. 15th in different capacities. Tom is the Creative Director of Third Party Titles and I’m the Project Lead and Lead Designer on an internal PS2/XBOX project.

People have been asking about the status of Monkeystone since Tom and I have come here. The answer is simple: Monkeystone is still going strong and about to start working on a new 3D game for the N-Gage!

Other than that, we have to keep the project a nice juicy secret. Stay tuned for further details!
Red Faction shot 1Red Faction shot 2

Red Faction
for N-Gage

And yes, Monkeystone has finished Red Faction for the new Nokia N-Gage gamedeck. We spent a total of 7 months on the game from start to finish. There were 2 months at the beginning of the project that were spent learning the X-Forge technology and basically throwing everything away after we got an important engine update.

The main people working on the game at Monkeystone were:

John Romero, Jess Dominguez

Pixel Grinders
Eric Seiler, Billy Browning

Creative Commandos
Lucas Davis, Tom Hall and Stevie Case

We put a lot of work in this one, on a new technology we’d never seen before, going through multiple hardware revisions as well as engine technology revisions.

We recreated the entire game from scratch except for the textures and most of the sounds. Everything was based on the original PC Red Faction game. We created a few brand-new levels where necessary, but the storyline, enemies, locations, weapons, etc. are the same.

This game also has 1-on-1 bluetooth Deathmatch mode; the first FPS with this feature on a cellphone! Compared with any other cellphone on the market, the N-Gage simply blows them away in graphics and speed.

This version of Red Faction will not be available for any other platform – it’s an N-Gage exclusive.



Check out the recently published review of Congo Cube in GameNow

Congo Cube for PC, BREW and J2ME – ALL SHIPPED!

This game had the longest development cycle in Monkeystone’s short history. One full year and with good reason: we decided to keep refining the game based on extensive feedback we received from several companies and beta testers. We made Congo Cube just about as good as we could with the exception of multiplayer, which we hope to implement sometime in the future – it will be amazing!

Future versions of Congo Cube that we hope to publish would be Mac, Linux, Smartphone and N-Gage. The J2ME/BREW versions are available on about 30 different cellphones!

You can get the PC version of Congo Cube on RealOne Arcade here:

Get Congo Cube Now!

Congo in Wireless Gaming Review

Congo in Wireless Gaming Review

Trying to get a high score in Congo Cube? You can get on the Daily 50 List and check it by going to Monkeystone’s Official Congo Cube Website,

Monkeystone’s Official Congo Cube Website

The J2ME version of Congo Cube is the least impressive of all the platforms we’ve put it on, mainly because the game can only be 64K in size! But anyway…

Here’s a review of the J2ME version of Congo Cube on Wireless Gaming Review.

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