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Friday April 17th 2015

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exidy logoSo I had a really cool visit to the local Bank of America yesterday. I was talking to a personal banker there and we finally got around to talking about the game industry and she said that her husband is the guy who founded Exidy!

Super cool. She was there with him every step of the way, too, from 1975 to 1994 when they finally shut ‘er down. I told her the mobile market is just sitting there ready to have their games licensed for platforms like BREW, Symbian and J2ME but her husband hasn’t done anything in this area.

There are many compilations of classic games emulated on newer hardware but Exidy’s games haven’t been seen outside of the arcade cabinet! This is a prime opportunity for some of you biz guys out there to score a classic game compilation – just contact me and i’ll get you in touch with her.

Any of you remember Venture? I loved it (in fact, I have a mention of it with my game Crazy Dunjun). The game Chiller was totally boycotted by arcade operators as being too bloody so most people never saw it – in classic game circles it’s very rare. Death Race, Mouse Trap, Targ, Cheyenne, Circus, etc. are all great, classic fun. Exidy even released a home computer called the Exidy Sorcerer.

UPDATE: A mobile publisher has struck a deal with Exidy! This blog actually has some use!

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Exidy”

  1. megazoid says:

    Links to info on the Exidy games mentioned in John’s post:
    Death Race
    Mouse Trap

  2. winstonsmith6079 says:

    Venture was my #1 fav at one point! Couldn’t resist to play it wherever I saw it! happy I could never ever get past Dungeon 2–most often killed in the Troll Room–but a few times I came amazingly close! happy

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that got to play Chiller–before it was banned because of its “shock-value”. I sucked at all the other Exidy “gun” games, but this one I got good at!

    Mouse Trap was very hard, but I loved it!

    I only wish I could have seen much less played Death Race. Wow! THAT would have been something! happy

    Ya know I didn’t even know that Exidy went so far as the mid-90s! I had no idea! That’s freakin’ kewl! *thumbs-up*

  3. ravuya says:

    I got a ColecoVision and a copy of Venture for that system because I loved the arcade version so much.

  4. anonymous says:

    I also loved Venture. I actually got to the point of almost being able to go forever in that game. (After the 3rd level, it goes back to 1, but 2x as fast.) A cool feature is that in the spider room, you can evade the hall monster forever, spinning around the room. Anyway, I’d love to get a port to the Windows / Dos system, a better port than the lousy Atari 2600 version.

  5. Ken Love says:

    Hey John.

    Good to see you around, live and kickin’. Just a quick heads-up to let you know that we’ve (Then Again Entertainment), have acquired the rights to all of the Exidy video and electro-mechanical Arcade titles and we will be moving forward with an Anthology package for both iOS and Android. Keep your eyes peeled for more info, shortly.

    Take Care!

    – Ken

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