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Monday April 27th 2015

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Doom Archaeology

doom cacodemonI’ve been doing some digging around in the original Doom development directory since I’m working on consolidating all my data in a sane arrangement. The Doom source that was released years ago wasn’t the nice raw development directory otherwise you would have all seen the NeXTSTEP DoomEd source, Doom map source files, and what I have here: unreleased Doom MIDI files.

There’s a reason these weren’t released – they’re not very good, at least not as great as the music we actually shipped with the game. Some of the songs are just repetitive riffs. All the songs are named unXX.mid where XX is a number.

Some of the standout tracks are:

opening: this was an idea for the original Doom title screen song.
un17: Would have actually fit in the game.
un30: I like it’s funkiness. Reminds me of Wolfy.
un36: I hated this song. I assigned it to e3m6 originally and everytime I ran that level I just cringed. I eventually removed it.
un39: Would have been a cool intermission screen.
un52: A better version of this song was in the game.

I think a few of the songs are early versions of some that were in the game. So for any of your Bobby Prince fans out there, here’s more of the man’s work.

Get it here

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Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “Doom Archaeology”

  1. Adrin says:

    Its just coincidence that some midis where like songs of different bands? (like un51 sounds like walk-pantera, un28 sounds like alice in chans – them bones, un17 sounds like raining blood – slayer, etc) they are very cool and a lot of people like it, but im wondering that question since i was a kid.

    • Sean says:

      As far as them sounding like actual songs, some of them wouldn’t make much sense considering they were released long after DOOM was released. Like un17, it does sound VERY similar to Raining Blood, but that song wasn’t released until 1998…

      • Nick Doomer says:

        I’m sure you know you made a mistake here, but just for reference purposes, “Rain in Blood” was released in 1986. “Them Bones” was 1992, and so on. I’m pretty sure that id gave Bobby a list of songs that they wanted him to cover for the game. As much as I like Bobby Prince, he didn’t come up with this melodies.

  2. fisk0 says:

    hey, wasn’t opening.mid or something very similar to it used in Doom II?

  3. Doomer says:

    great music.You are the icon of sin.

  4. Joe "Joebama" Baslock says:

    Great music, always was a fan of DOOM.

    Although, I don’t understand why un19 was cut. I can kill those dang’d chaingunners and shotgunners all day to that song. I also unfortunately have to disagree on un52, I like this version much better, although I understand why it was cut (lawsuits up the arsehole).

    Anyway, kudos for the pack.

  5. justin says:

    this is cool. can you post some more Doom/Quake development stories/files?

  6. John says:

    Ok so far I heard Man In The Box, 2 versions of Dead and Bloated, Immigrant Song, Raining Blood, Sex Type Thing, Them Bones, Rusty Cage, Outshined, Rooster, Junkhead, Big Gun, Angry Chair, Behind the Crooked Cross, Walk, and South of Heaven

  7. RyGuy says:

    un08, un37, un48, and un49 sound EXACTLY like some music from the game. I really like un14, 19, and 23. But most of these are the same thing repeated over and over and over.

  8. justin says:

    You Mentioned a full doom development directory? That would be VERY interesting to see. Could you post it?

  9. Cire says:

    Yes, I second this, please do release it!

  10. SheridanR says:

    I’m surprised no one has pointed this out already, but u15.mid was actually used for one of the levels in Blake Stone (although I can’t remember exactly which one – was it level 3?). I always thought it was a catchy song. Funny to think that it might’ve ended up in Doom instead!

  11. KiLerZolika says:

    un28.midi Reminds me of “Barrels o’ Fun”‘s music. So this is actually Barrels o’ Fun’s original music?

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