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Sunday April 26th 2015

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Happy 21st Birthday id Software

It’s that time again! The good news is that the company is still intact and working on projects (DOOM 4 for sure).

The bad news is that id laid-off a batch of people earlier in January, probably because they didn’t need 100 people to sit on a brand-new team.

Also, it’s unfortunate that this birthday hasn’t been recognized anywhere, not even on id’s own blog. They’re probably too busy dealing with the massive success of Skyrim. Grats!

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Happy 21st Birthday id Software”

  1. Hi

    I ‘m playing the old game Dave
    Digg this Post!
    I still play

    I really nostalgia
    Now that my kids are playing


    Sepultura – Troops Of Doom [Under Siege Live In Barcelona 1991 HD]




  3. hejj – johnny – how are you? i played doom2 yesterday – but for me – ag erman bureal descent – the levels must be more natural – like more wells and so on – the unreal1 was funny – but unreal with doom feeling would be great. WHAT WE N33D TODAY IS – a network-able D00m (means going to tryal in anglo-saxon) for the handhelds. a aprty of doom with a little computer – could be as funny as on my (our?) old – 486dx33. yeah – it means hakking the planet with a multiplayer and good steering d00m app – would be such as nice. if yourneot doin – other wil. but would be really fun. important is open source – that they sqash your bugs out. yeah and so on. two pearls. seee ya later buddy!

    h4pp7 n0rd1c – FUn – without spirituals rules – but OWN creativity and 0Deans….

    create something unbreakable.

    comes in my mind yesterday – aft.d2:
    Running Wild – Treasure Island

    we n33d more pearls – something that wont stop shinin… man.

    perhaps – SHE – a german pintschress – could help out – in hunting in DOM?!?!

    see on ill write you my thoughts!


    i like to fight – also in brain and argumenting!

    for free man, why?

    because of indepence!

  4. LuckC says:

    Stop praising id Romero!
    They cast poor games, do not offer support, they lie about the editor and mod. The company kill the MOD support, which you helped create.. without you id software is just a empty shell, there no soul there. The lack of respect of those pirates is such, that is amazing such ruins still running.
    All lucky of world to you!

  5. Keith says:

    I still play Doom on Steam, But after Rage and that Awful launch on PC, has Carmack forgot where he started? Promise of money from the console heavy Todd Howard? I think if you had not left Rage would have been a good game, and not a joke to pc gamers. Carmack lost his way, and doom 4 may be the death of doom. Id Tech 5 is years behind Crytech and they are also more worried about Consoles! P.S. Tell Carmack Bill Gates is gone, he can get off the OpenGL renders and API for his games big grin. They are a mess and put him behind games 4 years old. Love you Romero. And E4M2.

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