my gaming past, present and future
Thursday April 2nd 2015

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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “KEEN”

  1. Remmke says:

    Wow, times flies. Played Keen on my Android tablet the other day, works quite nice.

  2. caio says:

    fuck id software! they give a !@#$ for Keen! Tom´s baby.

    Shame on John Carmack!! He just destroy all my devotion for the id legacy, after 10 years of mediocre games. Lots of good people fucked, another 7 yeras of bad game design and terrible company decisions!

    Tim Willits call pc users SCUM (quakecon 2011) little retarded BALD! Willits is ruining everything!!

    Bethesda buy this !@#$ because they have DOOM!
    not DOOM 3 or DOOM 4, next piece of feces, but
    DOOM, the original!


  3. Sinan says:

    *Bows to the commander*

  4. Sinan says:

    Holy cows. I just realized… that John Romero, one of the industry’s early pioneers… is going to approve my comment by himself!!!

    Mr. Romero, I am a student and game enthusiast at the beginning of my life, and have not yet set a plan. I am seriously considering a life in the game development industry, and I am extremely interested in reading your professional journey in case you have got a published autobiography. If not, then I will definitely read every page on your blog!

    Any information is very appreciated! THANKS!!!

  5. Bogomips says:


    There is a clone of Keen here:

    It should work on all systems which support SDL.

    Have fun!!!

  6. Martin says:

    The fall began.

    The arrogants, opening a hole on the own feet,
    and this time too deep.

    The old king are buried.
    The legacy damaged.. soon, really damaged.

    Is the time to return.
    Do not give up.

  7. hey YonnIE says:

    won for YOU – espanias!

    so dont forget your german KNOCKSMAN in doom.

    will try a mac version for macbookair13inch’mid212.

    willtry skyrim later.

    its the choice of torvalds, so as mine!!!

    come to O-S!!!

    bye bye


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