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Hyperspace Delivery Boy Strategy Guide

hdb logoHyperspace Delivery Boy Strategy Guide
-By Jade Dragon at

This is the first edition of HDB Strategy Guide. It may not include every single detail in collecting gems and Monkeystones, but it does include EVERY quest. I will keep adding the missing bits. If you have discovered more secrets and want to share it, you can email me at . I will give you full credits to the authors, of course.

Hints and Tips:

In the beginning of the game, it will ask you to choose if you want to play in the puzzle mode (solve puzzles and avoid enemies) or action mode (solve puzzles and attack enemies). The game sequence is the same, but focus of the character will be a little different.

  • Save when you see a Save Point. If you die or get stuck with a puzzle, just load the game from the last save point. If you feel that you’ve messed up the whole level, the game is nice enough to save each level to its own file so that you can just re-start the level.
  • When you collect 7 Monkeystones, you will earn a Red Star. When you click on the Red Star at the menu screen you will get to play the slot machine. You start out with 20 tokens, and if you get a Monkeystone on the slot machine you will get another 5 tokens; if you get 3 food items, you will get 3 tokens, so on and so forth.
  • When you collect 14 Monkeystones, you will earn a Green Star. When you click on the Green Star, you will see a chicken explosion moment.
  • White color gems will regenerate; gems with other colors and Monkeystones won’t regenerate.

Walkthrough (In Action Mode):

Colby Jack:
The game starts with 2 small space shuttles docking a starship Colby Jack. Your character Guy Carrington, the new recruit, will get boarded to the ship. After being waken up roughly by Sgt. Filibuster, Guy will start his first training mission: to collect 7 envelopes and put them in to the processing machine. In the room next to where Guy slept and gotten waken up, there is a spinning circle a couple of paces in front of him. That’s a saving point. At the right hand corner, there is door lock, which you can’t access yet without an Energy Cell. At the lower left hand corner there is a transceiver behind a barrel, which you can’t move. Go straight downstairs, Manny will run past you and bump into something with envelopes flying off everywhere. Now, your mission is to find all 7 envelopes and return them to the machine at the upper left hand corner. Make sure you talk to Buster who will give you information about how to do everything in this game. Search everywhere in this room, find all 7 envelops. You can move light barrels and boxes to get access to the items you need to collect. In the lower left hand corner, there is a cup of goo on the table. To pick up things, just tap on the items with your stylus or push “use” button in combination with the D-pad. Talk to people around the ship. You will find them either useful or funny.

After you are done with this task, Manny will tell you that you have 2 other tasks. First you need to go talk to Engineer Dolly in the East Engine Room and get her the things she needs; then you need to get the Bill of Lading to Sgt. He will give you an Energy Cell in case you need it to access the Barracks.

Go through the stairs behind Manny, go south through the door; you will be in the West Engine Room. If you like to explore, you will find a green envelop that says Dolly’s Spec Sheet on it. Pick it up. (Or, you can go talk to Dolly first; she will ask you to find the sheet for her.) Talk to Cooper in the first room who will give you a mission to find his chicken. Go through the next room, you will find Farble in the room beyond. He will give you another quest, which is to get a new transceiver, which you saw earlier in the room with Save point. In the same room across the light pipes, you will find Dolly. Give her the Spec Sheet, she will give you the key to cabinet that has the Bill of Lading for the Sgt. In the next room where Dolly was, you will find another Save point. Use the Energy Cell to get in the room with lights flashing. Arnie at the door will tell you to watch out for the light. It’s a hint, so don’t get on the squares that flashes white lights. In this room, you will find Cooper’s chicken, an Energy Cell and a MonkeyStone. Now go back to the West Engine Room, watch out for the white light on the floor. Give Cooper his chicken, he will give you 3 gems. Go back to the room where you first came through to get to the West Engine Room, this time go through the door in north. You will find yourself in the mess hall. After entering the door, keep going straight to find a bridge that will lead you to the transceiver. Go back to Farble, give him the transceiver. He will tell you to find the cabinet in the mess hall. Go back to the mess hall, you will find the cabinet at the end of the room. Pick up the red Bill of Lading. Check the NoteBrick next to the Cabinet, you will learn that Capt. Jenkins flew out of the airlock last week, Sgt. Filibuster has taken over the ship. Now deliver the red envelop to Sgt. She will send you on two more missions.

Servandrones, Inc.
Before you go inside, you might want to collect some gems outside of the building since you won’t get a chance to do that after you’ve accomplish all of your mission here. From where Sgt dropped you off, if you go south, you will pick up some gems and run into two guys who are checking some items. Following the edge of the ship, go around, you will find Mr. Covert who asks you what’s the name of the chicken man (Cooper) and tells you that They run Them. There is an ally in between two large structures, at the end of the ally, you will find Mr. Ziquoz. He will ask you what’s the speed of light. Pick B, you will get 3 gems.

Now, you can go inside. First, you need to deliver a package to Dr. Popopolis on a flying ship. There are two paths in front of you, which lead to the same place where you will meet two guys. In the middle of the wall across from the fountain, you will find a door. Go into the room, Mr. Dageaube will tell you to go see Dr. Popopolis, but don’t go into the red or blue labs. Dr. Popopolis stands across the room. Give him the package, he will ask you to help with another problem. He tells you that robots have been acting strangely and the internal courier has been missing. Your fist mission will be to get to the Pushbot Storage Room of Dr. Bumper. In the next room, you will find a Save point. Go across the bridge you will see a room with lots of crates and two paths. Use the left path to collect the gems, use the right path to get out of the room. Now you are in Pushbot Storage and meet Dr. Bumper. He will tell you that he needs to put all the crates to the teleporters and beam them to the main bay. Then he will make you do that for him. Now walk around the room and talk to everyone, you will get hints from them. In the next room, you will find a Save point.

There is a teleporter platform in the middle of this room with round pads. Your task is to push all the crates onto each of the round pads. It’s pretty simple if you know how to use the barrels to help you across water to get on to the platforms where more crates are. The first platform in the water only needs one barrel to be in the water; the second platform needs both barrels to be pushed into the water in a line so that you can form a bridge. Push all the barrels from all the platforms on the water to connect them. Now you can get all the crates you need. Once you have all the crates on the round pads, click on the panel on the left, all the crates will be beamed away. You will notice that there is a MonkeyStone on one of the floating platforms. There is also an extra barrel in the room near the control panel. Push the barrel to connect the floating platform where the MonkeyStone is, you will get the second MS. Now, go back to Dr. Bumper, he will listen to your message.

The game will put you back to the room with lots of crates. Collect the gems and go back to see Dr. Popopolis. He will ask you to help in the EarthLab: find 3 memos sent to Dr. Gaia in Lab 2 and warn you not to let the robots touch you. Go through the red door just opened for you. You can first collect all the gems, and then go into Lab 2. To the left after entering the door, you will run into Dr. Gaia; to the right, you will find an Energy Cell, a Monkeystone and a gem. Now go into the room with barrels, you will see zappy robots and the envelops you need to collect. Save first. Collect the envelop at the end of the robot’s path. Then go through the hallway to another room. Go all the way to the left, you will find an envelop at the end of a bridge. Back in the room with zapping robot, you will see a door. Go in there, you will find a Save point and another robot patrolling the room. Watch his moving pattern, move the barrels around to get the envelope and then get out of the room from the other door. Now you are back to the other side of the room with zapping robot. Collect the gems and go back to see Dr. Gaia. Now you will be put back to outside of the Lab 2. Go back to see Dr. Popopolis again. He will give you a green envelope and ask you to deliver it to Dr. Everloo in Lab 3. He warns you not to go into any other labs, but to get to the Lower Drains Area.

Go through the blue door just got opened, go left. The first door will lead you to a room where you can pick up another Monkeystone. Come out, keep going left all the way to the end. You will see the number 3 on the wall. Go in to Lab 3, you will see enemy robots patrolling rooms and pathways. The first room with 2 paths leading to it has a shockbot and a club. Pick up the club, you can hit the robot and make it “dizzy” for a while and not hurt you. To the left of that room, you will find your first Panic Room with Mr. Marzo and a Save point in front of it. The teleporter in north has gems; the one south is the Panic Room. Make sure you save before going into the panic room. When you come out of the panic zone, you can to the room on the right where Mr. Octubre and Dr. Boniface are. He will ask you for the note from Dr. Everloo. Go north of this room, you will be on a path that loops above around the lab. You will see zapping ball robots in each room you encounter, you can either avoid them or hit them. Follow the path, you will get to a door that leads you to the room where you can pick up the note for Dr. Boniface and meet Mr. Julio who tells you that Dr. Everloo might have gone to the next room. Get out of the room through the other door; you will pick up another Monkeystone. Now, go back the way you came to Dr. Boniface, give him the note. He will tell you that Dr. Everloo went to Lab 4 and you need to go through the Drain area. He will give you access.

Go to Lab 4, you will meet the RailRider, he will take you to the first room. Go through a couple of platforms with zapping robots, you will get to a room with crates, white/blue gems and barrels. First push the barrel to the switch that opens one of the double doors, and then move the corner crate to get the gem. Get out of the room, go around the walkway to the door one the other side. Pick up a white gem, and move the crates around to pick up the Monkeystone. Make sure you don’t block the way to the door, which leads you to the blue gem and the room where Dr. Everloo is. Give him his mail. You will be put back out of Lab 4. Go back to the first room after the blue door, if you go right, you will see crates and gems. Move the lower crate by the wall on the south side. You will be able to pick everything here. Now go back to see Dr. Popopolis again. He will ask you to go to the Energy Column Tower.

Go all the way south to Lab 5; you will find Dr. Junio with a roomful of people. He will need you to find all his notes. Go into the door on the left behind him, you will find a Slugslinger. You can use that to shoot the robot. Go through the other door, you will be in the room with shockbots and Jorge Naranja who gives you the hint to shoot the door control. Then he dies, you can use the walkway to position yourself to shoot at one of the shockbots to give you some opening. Then go and shoot at the door control. Don’t forget to collect the gems outside of the room. Go back to the room where you pick up the Slugslinger, the door to the envelope and gem will be open. Pick up Dr. Junio’s report, and go give it to him. You will be put out of Lab 5. Go back and see Dr. Popopolis again. He will send you to activate the water and food systems.

Now, go back down to the drain area, before the path to Lab 3, there is a bridge leads you to Lab 6. There are 2 gems outside of the lab. Go inside, you are in a hallway patrolled by robots that can shoot at you. They will only shoot you when you are directly in their way. So avoid them, but collect the gems. If you go south following the path, you will get into the Water Works. Go around and talk to people, they will give you directions as to what you need to do. In one corner of this room, you will find another Monkeystone, which is the 7th. You will see “Red Star Is Ready”. Push one of the barrels to where the laser beam is to block it. First go in the door next to Dr. Noviembre to pick up an Energy Cell, and put it into the machine next across the room. Check the door on the left of the Water Works room, you will find a bridge has been released so that you can walk through to turn the machines on. Keep going around the doors, and turn the systems on. In the computer corner, you will pick up a cup of tea, and access to the green computer.

Now, you are out of Lab 6. Just left of Lab 6 is Lab 7. Go in there, you will find Diciembre laying on the floor asking for help. Save the game first, if you go north you will see that this is the FoodTech room. There are robots everywhere and they will shoot you if you get in their way. To the left behind the sign of FoodTech, there is a room where the computer that controls the food process is, but you don’t know what to do yet. If you go west from the FoodTech room, you will see a pathway to another room where you can save and pick up another cup of goo. Come back out to the main FoodTech room; keep going west, you will see a couple of doors. The door on the north leads you to an Energy Cell; the door on the west will lead you to a room where you can turn on a machine. Now, go back to where the FoodTech sign is, go through the door on the left and use the Energy Cell to open the door in the next room. Go back in to the room where the computer is, go through the door you just opened. Pick up the cookie and save the game. Follow the walkway above the room you were just in, avoid the shockbot and find Dr. Machina. He will turn all the system to normal. Go back to see Dr. Popopolis again. He will let you in to the room behind him to collect all the gems. Push the barrels to block the beam and take all the gems. When you get out of the Dr. P’s room, your Sgt will be there waiting for you.

Back aboard the Colby Jack:
Back on the Jack, the Sgt will tell you to go around and check if anyone needs your help. (I would go and play some slot machine before more manual labor if I were youJ)

In the engine room, you will run into a panic Dolly who needs help when everyone is on shore leave. She asks you to collect 4 tools and gives the password to go down below deck. Use your password to go down one deck below. Don’t touch the robots or step on the panel with light flashing. There is one tool that’s across the room. Come back up to the deck where you sleep. Go to the room next to yours on the right, you will find another tool in one of the beds. Then go to the mess hall where now is full of “special soup barrels”. Push them around so that you can get to the cabinet where you found the Red Bill of Lading before, you will find another tool. Keep looking around, you will find a blue gem in West Engine Room and Farble who hates shore leaves. In the East Engine Room, you will find another Monkeystone. Go into the barracks where you found Cooper’s chicken before. Pick up some gems, and find Cooper who will give you some seeds for the chicken. If you go near the chicken again, he won’t run away from you. Feed him the seeds, you will find that he had the last piece of Dolly’s tools. Now that you have all 4 tools, go back to see Dolly. She will just thank you and Sgt shows up to tell you that you’ve just reached The Planet Bridia.

Planet Bridia:
At the drop off place, go straight you will see a sign that says: Beal Labs left, Mystery Pizza right. There are quite a few gems in the forests on both left and right hand of your drop point. You will meet some people as well when you collect the gems, they will give you clues as usual. Mr. Gnappe in the trees on the left will tell you half of the password: RITYCODE. Go to Mystery Pizza and find the man in the stall, he will give you the other half of the password: SEBUM. The password is for the storage room.

If you go to the Beal Lab main entrance, you will find Dr. Mumps to accept your delivery and ask you to do two more delivery. One is for Mr. Rube and another is for Dr. Havingen. Go back into the room behind Dr. Mumps. You will find Dr. Hambre with his pizza but forgot to buy soda. You need to go back to Mystery Pizza and take the soda from the dude sitting alone and give it to Dr. Hambre. Now he will move out of your way so that you can use the barrel to block the beam. Go through the door.

Directly towards you is the Lab, go into there. You will find all sorts of strange looking animals being engineered here. When you talk to the people who work here, you will find them even stranger. Dr. Foochane will tell you that some of them have escaped from their cage. Take the goo on the table. Dr. Mitako will tell you that Mr. Anible has fallen into the swamplime who is the only one has the key to Dr. Havingen’s lab. Go right, you will find a walkway above the swamplime, pick up another Monkeystone on the green tiled walkway and turn on the switch to release a bridge. Now, you need to work with the robots that are trapped right now. Turn the switch that controls the robot horizontally. He will push the heavy barrel into the water. Then turn the switch of the first robot near the swamp, so that the robot will push the barrel to the end where the first robot can push it into the swamp to form a line of barrels. Make sure that you get the timing right when you let out the other robots so that you don’t get the horizontal moving robot to push the barrels to the opposite direction. When all the barrels are in the swamplime, you can trap the pushbots by turning off the switches again. Go across the barrel bridge, you will meet Mr. Anible. He will give you the cell to go upstairs. Before you go upstairs, make sure you pick up the slugslinger and equip it. Follow the path, kill the one-eye creatures and turn on switches. Go up one more level; use the water current to move the crates around so that you can get to the platform where Dr. Havingen is. Save first, it might take you a couple of tries to get the crates all lined up. Deliver the envelop to Dr. Havingen, you will be put back out of the Lab.

East of the Lab is the Office building. Go in there, Dr. Conundrum will ask you for the password. He will let you in when he hears SEBUM. In the large room south of the entrance, you will find Dr. Hautee’. If you keep asking him about THEM, he will explode for telling secrets. Going north along the hallway, you will pass two offices. If you go into the one on the left, you will find Mr. Rube in the inner office. He will ask you to deliver some memos to people. Now take the memos to the people in the outer office. Put them directly to their inboxes. Then go back to Mr. Rube. Now, you will be put outside of the Office building. Go back to see Dr. Mumps. He will ask you to get reports from Earthen Plain and the FatFrog Swamp.

Now, go all the way back to see Mr. Block behind the Lab and Office building, he will let you through and ride the RailRider. The RailRider drops you off at the Earthen Plain. Go left from the Sign of Earthen Plain, you will find a Save point and a Robostunner. If you go the right from the sign, you will pick up a slugslinger as well. Equip a weapon and follow the dirt road, try to avoid being attacked by the Meerkats who will take your white gems or the one-eye dogs who will kill you. You can zap or shoot them.

Push all three boxes you will encounter to the water to form a bridge. Go over to the bridge to pick up the blue gems and push one of the crates on the island to get over another piece of land to pick up more gems. As you keep going west, you will see a single crate, move it north to get over to another little island with a white gem. If you walk north following the dirt road, you will see a group of soup barrels. Behind them there is a building. Go into the building, use the computer panel to lower the pad outside. Go back where the beam is, use one of the barrels to block the beam, move the other one to pass the water hole in front of the stairs. You can shoot the soup barrels with your slugslinger. Go upstairs, talk to Dr. LaMorte. He will give you the weekly report for Dr. Mumps. You will be put back to ride the RailRider again, which will take you to the Swamp.

Go left after you get off the RailRider, you will enter the FatFrog Swamp. Cross the little bridge, go right and push the crate into the water so that you can pick up the slugslinger which you will need to go around the swamp. Pass the Fat Frogs who will hit you with their tongue. Keep moving, you can pick up a Robostunner as well. At the end of the road, you will find Mr. Coprolite who tells you that you need to test the teleporters. There are 3 small teleporter pads next to him. The teleporter in the middle will send you to the Panic Zone. Shoot the one-eye creatures and run past the frogs. The one in the south leads you to another pad, which sends you to a room with more soup barrels. Shoot them to blow them up. Push the crate into the swamp to get over to the other side of the swamp. On the left hand side, you can pick up another Monkeystone. On the right hand side, you will find Mr. Reed with his report to Dr. Mumps. Now you are back to ride the RailRider again. It will take you to Mr. Arbivall who tells you that you can go through without the Glacier Computer business. Go back on the RailRider, you will get back to see Dr. Mumps. He thanks you but he can’t pay you because the computer problem. You have to go to the Glacier to reboot the computers.

Take the RailRider back to Mr. Arbivall. He will let you in this time. Go through the gap you will find the first door that leads you to the Ice Puff Glacier West. First, meet Mr. Toerig to get a Monkeystone and a Robostunner. The goal here is to talk to all 8 people who work here to get a letter from each as the pass codes, at the mean time collecting gems while avoiding being hit by snowballs and ground guns. The passcode is: PARADIGM
#1- Pizza
#2- Art
#3- Roses
#5- Dive
#6- Ice
#7- Geese
#8- Moose
****A couple of things are a bit of tricky. 1) When you use the deflector on the beam, you need to move the deflector to the other side of the beam so that you don’t burn yourself by the beam. 2) When you need to travel across the ice, use the snow piles to help you to stop and change directions. Otherwise the sharp icicles will kill you. You need to reach the left side of the icy surface to get the blue gem, and to the right side to talk to one of the workers.

Once you get in the computer room, asks the worker at the corner to move. He will give you the space to push the barrel to the south end of the room. There is a switch on the ground that you need to use the barrel in order to push it down. The switch will open the door to the terminal. Insert your router to the computer; you will be done with this task. You will be put back to where you entered the Ice Puff Glacier West. Across the snowy ground, keep going north, you will find another door that leads you to the Ice Puff Glacier East.

After you get in the door, you will need to make your way north to another door. Try avoid the snowballs. The door in the north wall between two trees will lead you inside of a building. On the right hand side of the first room, take a cup of goo. Go to the other sided of the room and find Mr. Izquierda. He will tell you that he lost his keycards. In the north end of the room, there are two computers, one needs white keycard, and one needs red keycard. There are four doors. The ones in the middle will lead you to the keycards. Collect them, and insert them in to the computers. Go through the first door from the left, you will find the storage room. Pick up the Robostunner, follow the path, and avoid the sharp ice. In the back of the storage building, you will find a pizza slicer. Inside, you will find the blue keycard; use your stunner to fight your way through. Then, come back in and go through the first door from the right, you will find the computer room. Before you go in, look around the building and collect the gems and a Monkeystone. Use your blue keycard inside of the computer room, you will be able to insert the router on the left, and activate the computer on the right. Now are back out to the Planet Bridia again. If you go talk to Mr. Block, he will take his break. You can look around and collect more gems and another Monkeystone! Eventually, you will end up at the back of Mystery Pizza Factory. Avoid the rotating stun guns; go west, you should pick up a blue keycard south of the Save Point. Go to the east side, you will see a platform above water with two computer terminals with some crates. The barrels are blocking the way; you would have to move the crates into the water to build a bridge in order to access the computer. The computer on the south end can be accessed by the blue keycard. This will open the blue next to the Save Point on the other side of the room. In that room, you will find the white keycard. Now, you will need another 4 floating items to gain access to the white computer. Look under the lights on the south side the defense guns; you will find that there is a light barrel under each of the lights. Move all 4 of them to build another bridge to the computer that accepts your white keycard, open the rear door.

Go through that door, you will meet Mr. Redrum who will tell you all about the RailRider. Go across the little bridge and get on the RailRider. The first stop is in front of a room that you will need a Red keycard to get in. You can’t go in there yet, walk around to collect gems and an Energy Cell. Hop on another RailRider, it will drop you off in the back of the building needs Purple keycard to get in. Again, hop back on RR. It will take you back to where the Red room is. Hop back on the first RR, it will take you to a place with some people and animals. There is a computer that accepts Black keycard. If you go west through a walkway, you will find a shockbot guarding a Monkeystone. When you’ve collected 14 Monkeystones, the Greed Star is read for you. Continue to ride the RR, you will be dropped off where you can pick up a Robostunner, some gems and two platforms where one has 4 crates and one has the Red keycard. Now take the RR on the left, it will take you back to the Red room. Use your keycard to get in; you will pick up a club, a Green keycard and cup of goo. Now take the RR on the right, keep going until you are back where you picked up the Red keycard, and take the RR on the right. If you walk west and north, you will find a terminal to use your Energy Cell to extend a bridge. If you walk south, you will pick up some gem and find the computer accepts Green keycard, which will extend another bridge. You can push the crate over the bridge to get to where the Purple keycard is. Sting the robot, pick up the Purple keycard, and hop back on the RR. Make your way back to the Purple room; there is a Black keycard on the table where Dr. Frustrato stands. Make sure you choose all the answers that will make him angry. He will kick something and shake the chair out of your way. Now you can pick up the Black keycard. Take your ride to the computer accepts Black keycard; a bridge in the south will open up. Cross it, you will be back to the front of the pizza place and Dr. Sausage will tell you the true story about the pizza place.

Now you are back on the Jack again. Sgt will tell to go down to the lower deck to help Dolly. In the middle of the lower deck, you will find a Robotstunner, go all the way to the end, and take Dolly back. Sgt will give you a new mission in the place called Pharitale.Walk around from where you were dropped off; you will find a Monkeystone and some gems. Talk to Accountant Phaedrus, he will have three deliveries for you to make. One is to deliver sealed ledger entries to Accountants at Happy Meadow, Water Caves to the West and Rocky Crag to the East. If you walk into the Purple gate, it will take you to the Happy Meadow.

In the Happy Meadow, there are some flying creatures. The ones with white wings won’t hurt you, the ones with black wings will. You will get to a puddle of water that you need to get across. You will find a crate under a tree that’s the only one you have the access to walk around it. Push the crate to the water, and use the crate near the water to build a bridge. If the blue bubbles hit you, you will be sent to the Panic Zone. Go left after you cross the water, you will find Accountant Oscuro. Give him the ledger, he will talk about THEM. After you’ve this delivery, you will be put back to where Phaedrus is.

Go west, you will get to an area with many paths. Go west up some stairs; there is a gate that will lead you to the Water Caves. There are two gates and a Save Point here. Through the West gate, you will get a riddle that hints you if you put things on the stone with indentations somewhere, the items will show up here when the Fairy flies over. Now, come back out, and go through the north gate, you will be in a place with gems and 3 gates.

Through the West gate, you will find 2 crates that you can push to connect the bridge. You will realize that you need one more crate. There is a crate in the narrow path, but you can get to it yet. Now, cross the bridge, through the North gate, you will see paths going both east and west directions. Go west, you will pick up another Monkeystone. Go east, and go through the gate, you will find 3 crates there. If you push them into the current the right way, they will just line up to form a bridge. Go back to the place with 3 gates; go through the East gate, and across the bridge you will find another stone with indentation. Put the crate and barrel onto the stone. And go back to the first West gate after you entered Water Cave, you should have the crate and barrel to connect the bridge. Cross the bridge, go through the gate, you will end up where that single crate you need to build the bridge is. Push the crate to build the bridge, cross it and you will be in a very narrow walkway with crates and water puddles. Follow the path, you will find Accountant Insanito. Now you will be put back out of the Water Caves. There is a path from here to east that links Water Caves to Rocky Crag. Follow the path and go through the only gate.

The first place in Rocky Crag has a huge pond with a broken bridge and islands with crates and large eggs on them. There are 3 gates, 2 in the west, 1 in the east and a locked door that can be accessed by an Energy Cell. You goal is pretty much just put items onto 4 color-coded indented stones and go around each room to place these items on the ground switches that control the doors. You will need all crates you can find in this area both on the islands and the ones scattered around. If the killing fairies attack you too much, you can pick up a slugslinger in one of the room up north.

The first room on the left has a gray color indented stone with 2 switches. So you need to put two items through here. Across the bridge to the next room, you will find a Monkeystone. In the next room north, you will see the red stone and one ground switch. Come out of this room, across the walkway, go into another room. Here you will find the blue stone and a ground switch across the bridge. Take care of this switch, come out and go south. At this point, you should open enough doors to pick up the Energy Cell. Use it to open the door south, you will find the green stone and the ground switch. Across the bridge, there is a room with a club and the chicken. Now with all the doors open, you can go through to deliver the ledger to Accountant Managota. With all the ledgers delivered, you can go back to see Phaedrus. He will send you to Dragon Deeps and the northern Valley and Glade.

Go west from Phaedrus, then north, there is a path leading north. Kren-Kren will tell you that it’s the road to Dragon Deeps. Entering Dragon Deeps, across the bridge, you will see a door accepts White keycard and a gate. Through the gate, there is a huge green dragon. The Verilith will tell you to strike the dragon with magic egg. Find a magic egg and a club in the room. Move the egg in front of the dragon, and then use the club to hit the dragon. You will wake up the dragon; he will spit fire at the egg and turn the egg into a barrel. Now use the barrel to cross the water puddle. Move the magic egg from the other side of the puddle to the dragon, he will spit fire again; the egg turns into the White keycard. Use the keycard to get in to the area with water and islands that has Blue and Green keycard terminals and an indented stone. Use the crates to link all the islands, and then go out through the West gate. Cross bridges above the lava, put the eggs on to the stone and move them to the dragon. He will spit fire and turn the eggs into Blue and Green keycards. Use the Blue keycard first, cross the bridge. There is a computer across the lava, use your Slugslinger shoot it; it will put a bridge over the lava in the room where you use Green keycard to get in. So cross the bridge in the Green keycard room, turn on the machine. Now you will have a bridge over the lava in the Blue keycard room. Cross that bridge and go through the gate. You will find Accountant B. Bow here. Deliver the ledger; you are back outside of the Dragon Deeps.

If you keep going north from here, you will reach Lower Dragon Deeps. Watch out for the guns and a killing fairy, pick up a Robotstunner. Through the South gate, you will find an indented stone. Through the East gate, you will find 3 magic eggs and an indented stone. Push the eggs to the dragon; he will turn them into crates. Move the crates to the stone. When you have all 3 crates line up into a bridge, cross it. Go through the gate to the East, you will make your delivery here. Out of the Lower Dragon Deeps, go east following the path, and then North, You will find the entrance of Ice Dragon Valley.

Directly from the entrance, you will find an area with 2 indented stones, 1 dragon and machine accepts White keycard. But the door that White keycard can open traps the Fairy. If you go east across the icy surface, you will find a building where Onabilden will tell you that you need to go find the keycards. Watch out for the guns and pick up the Energy Cell. You will also find the Blue keycard machine in here. Go north from here you will find an ice block and an indented stone. Push the block onto the stone. Cross the ice, you will find another building. Pick up the Slugslinger before entering the building. Inside, you will find Ayonn who is responsible for all the keycard problems. Go to the right in this room, use your Energy Cell, pick up the Blue keycard. You will find the Green keycard machine here as well. Now make your way back to the Blue keycard room. Use the card to open the door to anther room. You will find a Red keycard machine here and a White keycard. Do not step on the flashing tiles. Make your way back to the area near the entrance; use your White keycard to free the Fairy. If you go west from the entrance area and past the icy surface, you will find another indented stone and 2 ice blocks. Move the blocks to the stone; the dragon will turn them into a red gem and Red keycard. Go back to the Red keycard machine room, pick up the Green keycard. Go back to the Green keycard room, deliver the ledger to Bale. Now you are done here, and will be put back out of the Ice Dragon Valley.

Immediately to the right from the Ice Dragon Valley entrance, there is a path that will lead you to Faerie Glade. To the left of the entrance, there is a building in the middle of the water. Go the right, you will find a crate. Use it to get across the water to enter the building. You can’t push the crate directly to the water on this side, you mush push the crate to the indented stone, and go to the other stone to get it. Go through the door in North, you will find an area where there is a Blue keycard machine and Red keycard machine and a White keycard. But you must get the Blue keycard first. Go to the room with a bunch beams. In this room, you will want to achieve 2 goals: one is to use the deflector to line the beam so that it can shoot at the soup barrel, you will get the Blue keycard; another goal is to move the crate to the stone so that it will get transported to another area. It’s a little tricky to line up the beam here. Use the crate to help you block the beams. Remember the green light strip can slide everything to the center. The deflector you need to use for killing the soup barrel is the one in the southwest corner.

After you get the Blue keycard, go back to the Blue machine and use the keycard. It will lower the door to the Red keycard machine. Now you need to get the Red keycard. In the gateway that has 3 gates, go through one of them that will lead you to another green garden and water area. You should see the crate you put on the stone in the beam room here. Move the crates around to connect the islands and shore; you will find the Red keycard and a Slugslinger on one of the islands. Now you’ve got the Red keycard, go back to the Red machine. Use your keycard to lower the door to the White keycard, now you’ve go the White keycard. In the Swamp area, you will find the White keycard machine. The White keycard will lower the door that guards two crates at the end of the long bridge. Move the crates over to the indented stone, use one as a bridge, the other one to transport. Now you need to go back where you got the Red keycard area, the last delivery is at the end of the river. Follow the water; use the crates to get your way through. You will see an island at the end where there is a Monkeystone and Accountant Finn. You will 4 crates to get over to the island. So make sure you plan ahead. Once you are done with Finn, you will be transported back to Phaedrus, and then you are back on the Jack again. Everyone gives you some updates and you watch the game-ending cinema.

That’s the game!

Hyperspace Delivery Boy Strategy Guide is written by Jade Dragon at You can visit the Game Corner for more game reviews at . If you want to link to this guide, please give the appropriate credit to the author. Hyperspace Delivery Boy is developed by Monkeystone and can be downloaded from

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