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Sunday April 19th 2015

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chrono triggerI have been a huge fan of game music since I first heard it come out of my Apple II speakers back in the early 1980s. Today, game music is very impressive now that we’ve done away with the clicks and FM synth beeps of the past and moved into the age of pure digital audio. The first game that made me actually want to record its music to an audio CD was Chrono Trigger back in 1995. I was so in love with Chrono’s music that I recorded the audio output from the Super Nintendo and turned it into pure WAV data which I then burned onto an audio CD that I could listen to anytime. Several years later, Square made the Chrono Trigger OSV (Original Sound Version) available for purchase and I was in heaven. From that point forward, I began buying an insane amount of game music CDs.

It’s years later and a new, awesome trend has emerged: game music remixes! Let me tell you, if you thought the original versions of your favorite songs were great, you should hear what the hundreds of remixers have done over the past several years. The link to OCRemix on the left will take you to my favorite remix release site and don’t worry – everything is free! You can download literally thousands of game songs for absolutely nothing but your time and bandwidth! The filenames have been renamed to be easier to deal with (space characters suck for ftp) but all the ID3 information is correct and I’ve even included album art in the files for those of you with iTunes.

Okay, so many of you might be familiar with the popular game titles that have been released in the United States and Europe, but there are a lot of great games released only in Japan that have amazing soundtracks as well. I am posting some of my favorite songs from these obscure (to us) games – these are the original songs, not remixes. All remixes have the word “remix” below them. If you don’t find that word under the song, it’s an OSV. Have fun exploring the world of game music!

By the way, these song choices are my own favorites; they might not necessarily be your favorites.


Iris - Chika

Fire Tripper

Salamander Pro Fusion - Fire Tripper

To the Sealed Land"

Suikoden Celtic Coll. - To the Sealed Land

Shin Megami

Shin Megami Tensei - Big Map

Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time


Kidou - Kinda Nice Mood Music

Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3 - Fly By Contact


Xenogears - Shevat, The Wind is Calling


Unlimited SaGa - Journey Through Time and Space

Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3 - Lake and Marshes With Doubt


Muv Luv - Rain Cloud


Cherry Boy Niku Bittake - 23


Arc the Lad - Truth


Atelier Viorate - Trotting Through Darkness


Guardian Angel Sound Collection - Melancholy


Castlevania 1 - Wicked Orchestra remix by Scott Peebles


Guardian Angel Sound Collection - Small Creatures


Castlevania 2 - CV2K remix by McVaffe


Chrono Trigger PSX - A Meeting with Destiny


Chrono Trigger - Time Chill remix by mv


Chrono Trigger PSX - One Sunny Day We Met


Commander Keen - man sieht sich galaxie remix by analoq


Dark Cloud - La Saia


Die Hard Trilogy - I Love the Airport remix by texx sound


DOOM - DOOMed E1M8 Boss remix by Rimco


DOOM II - Monster Condo remix by Chuck Dodgers


Ultima Online - Create1 remix by Ghetto Lee Lewis


Ico - Save Me remix by SuperGreenX


Lemmings - Lounge Lemmings by Mazedude


Final Fantasy XI - Heavenly by mv


Pilotwings 64 - Clear Skies remix by jcd


Chrono Trigger - electric clouds by po!


Salamander 2 - Sensation


Secret of Mana - Secret of Spram remix by Mustin, Kassie!, JAXX


Super Street Fighter 2 - Cammy by Night remix by mv


Wild Arms - Adlehyde Castle Flow by po!


Wolfenstein 3D - Nazi Requiem remix by Mazedude


Chrono Trigger - Green Amnesia remix by SuperGreenX

Quinn Fox

Quinn Fox is one of my favorite remixers because his songs have a really smooth flow to them. There are two other remixers that share his style, po! and mv. You can check out all of their contributions on OCRemix and VGMix. Each site has different songs from these guys. Below you’ll find some of my favorite Quinn songs. You can find more of his stuff on his website.


Phantasy Star 2 - Iceblink Alto


Phantasy Star 3 - Nial and Neptune


Phantasy Star 2 - Boss Uniform


Sega Rally - Solace in Second


NiGHTS - Somewhat Beautiful


Phantasy Star 2 - Phillibuster


Phantasy Star 2 - Mamabrain

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Reader Feedback

13 Responses to “Game Music”

  1. Ed Sterman says:

    Nice to know that some bloggers like you still spend the time and effort to produce quality content.

  2. Angel Munoz says:

    Thanks for sharing John. I see our tastes are very similar as I have a few of these on my favorite list too.

  3. EvilOne says:

    John, you should check out the Guilty Gear XX soundtrack. Metal gaming music. Is there anything better?

    You should also check out this guy’s metal remakes of the Metroid soundtrack :

  4. Michael Main says:

    John Romero likes games like Xenogears? Man…I wish I could have been his friend.

  5. Peter Schaumann says:

    I believe it’s safe to say that there are not a single person on this planet who wouldn’t commit all sorts of criminal deeds for a friend like John, Michael.. Xenogears or not.

  6. Tye The Czar says:

    I really need to recommend music from the Touhou Project series of games. Though their tracks are heavily synth-based, the overall compositions are so good, independent music circles remix the songs with lyrics.
    In short, these games and their music deserve a LOT more attention. Here, have some links regarding Touhou Project:

  7. Mikko says:

    Awesome music! I really enjoy listening these tunes while surfing the net. Thanks dude!

  8. Andrew says:

    Gosh, I haven’t visited Romero’s website since few years now. After I come back it surprises me as usual, how a man is still immersed in the joyful world of gaming… I am happy for you JR…

  9. Federico8086 says:

    This shot me into to the past.Thanks dude!

  10. Vinicius says:

    Doom musics? I should have guessed…

  11. Mikko says:

    I love this moody music. Really good site also. Brings back some great memories. Thanks JR.

  12. […] being introduced to the site by Doom lead designer John Romero, legendary American VGM composer “The Fat Man” George Sanger sent in an arrangement of […]

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