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Tuesday September 16th 2014

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Happy Birthday, id Software

Happy Birthday, id Software

It's id Software's 19th birthday today. It makes me wonder: how many people working at id right now actually know that? Next year will be two decades of Keen, Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. How many game companies still standing can boast 20 years? Not many. And most companies that live past 20 years are so far removed from their origins that [...]

Back in the USA

Back in the USA

Raluca finally made it back to the USA from her long 5 month stay in Romania, thank you Homeland Security. Government immigration paperwork is such a nightmare. Anyway, she's back and settling in again after almost half a year away. We decided to start leveling some Draenai toons on Dragonmaw (WoW, of course!) and we're in the mid-teens [...]

Quake Birthday and More Dave

First off, I must say HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, QUAKE! And with this birthday yell, I'm not only directing it toward the game Quake but to everyone who has ever been involved in playing Quake until their eyes fuzzed over, who ever spent days deathmatching on a LAN or over the Net, to all the creative people who worked hard on their mods, levels, models [...]

Four Years On…

Four years ago today, I left id Software and eventually formed what would be known as Ion Storm with my longtime friend Tom Hall. Ironically enough, approximately 10 years ago, John Carmack and I began working on our bi-monthly game disk, PCRcade (soon to be renamed Gamer's Edge), while working at Softdisk. (Each of us was working on our own [...]